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What is MCA and How Does it Work

motor club of america bbbNever allow yourself to be stranded on the road ever again. With Motor Club of America BBB we offer you a suitable membership through MCA which contains astonishing emergency benefits and discounts by striving for the best partnerships that exist on the market today for each and every one of our card holders. Protection on the road is what we focus solely on as a whole. It is our business to provide you with superior service, our main objective. *You can learn more about MCA through these motor club of america wiki in the following links:* http://howmanyweeksareinayear.com/motor-club-of-america-mca/ or http://motorclubofamericawiki.com/


Why choose us? We understand the need of the everyday motorist on the road and diagnose the problems by offering our most valued plan, The Total Security Plan. Plus, we are motorist ourselves and wouldn’t dare leave home without coverage under our belt while on the road so why should you, roadside coverage is a must. This plan covers you for the basic needs of a vehicle owner as well as the traveler on the go. Locally, we connect you with the nearest roadside service handler in your area then dispatch that specialist to your vehicle’s location for immediate servicing. View the several benefits and discounts included in the package:

Unlimited Roadside Assistance Coverage


You haven’t experienced the best “of” the best roadside assistance service until you’ve completely gone unlimited. The reason we’ve become the #1 “go to” road service company in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico is because our membership makes total since. No longer will you have to pay extra cost per mile after you’ve gone over or accumulated 5 miles for towing, no more out-of-pocket expensive towing cost. After you’ve joined us you’d have 100 miles of coverage at your disposal for every towing event acquired for incidental purposes. That means you have 36,400 miles per year in towing privileges for every incident that occurs with your automobile that renders it disabled. Also, our company pay up to $100 to provide Emergency Road Services on Trailers, Motorcycles, RVs, and vehicle’s with a load capacity of 1 ton or greater. (Dispatch only on 18-wheelers.)

  • Towing Service (Up to 100 Miles Per Tow)
  • Locksmith Service Calls
  • Battery Jumpstart Service Calls
  • Tire Change Service Calls
  • Gas Delivery Service Calls


Discounts & Benefits Coverage



  • Arrest Bond – In case you are involved in a traffic violation we supply up to $500 worth of cash bail funds within your MCA membership plan. While there are several states that accept this particular certificate fewer other states do not accept the arrest bond certificate. For $1,000 the certificate is acceptable in the state of Maryland, however, in other states the document is only acceptable for as little or lesser than $500. Absolutely not required in California.


  • Bail Bonds – When or if charged with a moving violation that involves automobile negligent homicide or vehicular manslaughter while driving your automobile on the road Motor Club of America will supply up to $25,000 worth of bail bond funds to release you from prison. All you must do is call the toll-free number located on the back of your Motor Club(MCA) membership card. *Not Available in New York/Canada*


  • Travel Assistance Reimbursement – Whenever your car is disabled due to an car accident Motor Club of America will reimburse up to $500 to rent a car when an automobile accident happens at home. If you are located more than 50 miles away from home the company will pay up to $500 for transportation, lodging and meals as a club member.


  • Credit Card Protection – In case of financial loss due to stolen credit cards we’ll reimburse funds up to $50.00 for every credit card registered with the our company at the time of theft or loss. The maximum total is up to $1,000.


  • Attorney Fees – Our company, Motor Club of America will provide funds in case charges are filled against you by police for a lawyer to defend you in court in the result of driving your covered automobile. We provide up to $2,000 in the event.


    • MCA provide up to $200 for covered Moving Violations
    • MCA provide up to $2,000 for covered automobile Vehicular Manslaughter or related Negligent Homicide
    • MCA provide up to $500 covered Vehicle Damage issues
    • MCA provide up to $500 covered auto related Personal Injury matters


  • Stolen Vehicle Reward – For leading information to the capture, arrest and conviction of the thief who’ve stolen your vehicle MCA will pay a $5,000 reward to the individual or law enforcement agency responsible for the event. Those who are not eligible for this reward is MCA membership holders, you, or family members.


  • Emergency Reimbursement Benefits – If injured in a automobile accident we’ll cover Trauma Center Treatment, or cash for Emergency Room up to $500. Receive up to $100 for each of these medical procedures: 
    • Emergency Room Facility
    • X-Ray Procedures
    • Cast or Splints
    • Anesthetics
    • Ambulance Service


  • Trip Planning and Travel Reservations – For our valued MCA members we’ve prepared a step by step computerized mapping service that is free of charge. You have the choice to call the toll-free number or complete a travel information card. What would be included in this package is hotel & motel information found along your route, places of interest, and resorts. You also have access to airline travel, hotel discounts and car rental in which is a one-stop reservation service all of which is in your control as a member.


  • Accidental Death Benefit – For free of charge you are eligible to register for either of the three accidental AD&D benefits as a MCA member to meet your needs. *Please note: Before coverage elected options listed below goes into effect you must request then complete the forms provided, afterwards, turn them back into home office immediately.*


  • 1st Choice, as the primary member you are eligible up to $50,000.00
  • 2nd Choice, you and your spouse are eligible up to $25,000.00 each. In several cases, for the surviving spouse, job retraining is also available.
  • 3rd Choice, your spouse is eligible up to $15,000, your children is eligible up to $3,500 each while you are eligible for $30,000. Continuing education, and job retraining support for the surviving spouse are all optional benefits.


(Coverage provided by, One Beacon Insurance Group)

  • Daily Hospital Benefit – As a result of an accident MCA provides up to $54,750 in Hospital cash benefits. You are covered for an consecutive 365 days from the starting from the first day of hospitalization due to a covered car accident. We’ll pay $150.00 per day while recovering in the hospital.

  • Hotel, Car Rental, Vision, Prescription, and Dental Discounts – Along with your MCA membership car you’ll also receive your discount card for you and your whole family to enjoy the several discounts we’ve partnered with over the years. Take advantage of the magnificent brands stemming from hotel discounts all the way to your RX needs, check them out below:


  • Provide 15% off top major hotels
  • Provide 50% off car rental
  • Provide 50% off dental care procedures
  • Provide 50% off eye wear including eye exams
  • Provide 50% off the major top elite car rental companies
  • Provide 65% off all prescriptions from the top pharmacy stores of your choice.

  • Travel Assistance Program – The primary member receive the benefits of the Travel Assistance Program which is in place to assist worldwide use, stemming from problems such as:


  • Medical Repatriation
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Return of Companion
  • Return of Child
  • Return of Remains
  • Visit to Hospital
  • Non-Medical Repatriation


(Coverage provided by, One Beacon Insurance Group)

Sign Up

Congratulations on joining the 11,000,000 satisfied members who are already enjoying the wonderful benefits and discounts of MCA. Once the order is complete we’ll mail you a Motor Club of America membership roadside protection coverage and discount card within the package. The package should arrive between 5 – 10 days. Welcome to the family, we got you covered!

Your membership will be activated in 24 hours immediately after ordering. Your membership ID and a 1-800 number to call for immediate roadside assistance will be emailed to you after 24 hours has passed(membership card is not needed, just provide your MCA ID to the MCA representative) in case of a roadside emergency.




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